Frequently Asked Questions

IPTV or IPTV Servers offer access to up to 5,000 live streams from around the world and up to 13,000 VOD titles (Video-on-Demand). They are managed by 3rd party offshore groups that continuously add, remove, or update feeds at their own discretion. Each IPTV server is run completely independently from each other and their months are not interchangeable. IPTV PASSPORT DOES NOT own or manage any IPTV servers.

No, there is no IPTV server available anywhere that is a direct replacement for a traditional content provider. IPTV is simply a very good, low cost, and convenient alternative to finding free links that are shared online, some with the addition of EPG guides, Catchup TV (usually 24 hrs PVR’d), VOD Movies (Video-on-Demand), XXX Adult, and international content not available from most local content providers.

No, although some servers advertise that or label sections HD/4K, there’s always a mix of SD and HD feeds. You can expect 720p to 1080p feeds on most sections of some servers but bear in mind that all feeds can and will degrade as they pass through servers worldwide before getting to you.

No, we have zero control over their servers or their content and simply have access to adding or removing your access to the IPTV servers. We are the online equivalent of the cable guy that is contracted simply to connect or disconnect service for you. A donation amount for our assistance is listed on each server page. Please read these FAQs before donating.

Once months are added to any server, the process is not reversible. All donations are final and there are no refunds once we connect you to the servers. Please do not subscribe if you do not understand and agree with these terms.

MAG 420/424 are the easiest devices to use, they are budget friendly, low cost, fast, portable and reliable.

You can use your MAG device anywhere you can connect to high speed internet. It’s a plug and play device where you just connect it to any wifi network, like at a friend’s place or a hotel suite, and it will work.

Yes, you can on some servers, but only with the STB Emulator app and not on more than one device at the same time. If you run one account on 2 or more devices simultaneously, the server will automatically kick you off other devices.

Simply subscribe to additional months for additional devices at a discounted rate if you want to use them simultaneously. We offer 10% discounts for multi device and multi server users.

Yes, you can. Many users have multiple servers to get more content or simply as a backup. Almost every device and IPTV app supports multiple servers. We offer a 10% discount for multiple subscriptions.

A MAC address is a unique identifier tied to your hardware on your MAG, AVOV, DREAMLINK, BUZZTV, FORMULER device. It always start with 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX

For STB EMU APP, we will send you an active MAC address after receiving your donation.


If you are using a Smart TV, the server runs on the Smart IPTV app but we recommend using an MAG box whenever possible.

TV Channels Recommended Minimum Download Speeds (will work on lower but your experience may vary):

SD 5Mbps

HD 10Mbps

Please note: You must have a stable internet connection without any speed degradation.

Based on the internet speed required per content as defined above the following is estimated internet consumption (BANDWIDTH) per month based on using your IPTV service 8 hours per day.


Live TV Channels:

SD = 750Kbps = 329.58 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 81.73 GB / Month

HD = 1 Mbps = 439.43 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 108.98 GB / Month.


Video on Demand Movies:

SD = 650Kbps = 285.63 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 70.83 GB / Month.

HD = 1.4 Mbps = 615.21 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 152.57 GB / Month.


IPTV is not recommended for those users who don’t have a high limit or an unlimited internet connection, or users who have a very small amount of bandwidth available monthly.

Yes, you can but for best results, we strongly recommend you use a network cable to connect your IPTV Receiver to your ROUTER/MODEM.

SERVER: In the TV portal, arrow down to the Adult channel (channel viewing screen) (has lock by channel), hit OK, a small box will come on screen, enter 7274, that’s seven, two, seven, four

Restart your modem, router, and device. Please understand that we have zero control over any of the feeds on any of the servers. We are simply given access to connect your device to the server to receive service from 3rd party service providers. Keep in mind that every channel and every feed has to be streamed from multiple offshore servers worldwide to get to you. Because of this complexity, sometimes the connections are not stable due to weather, storms, or satellite outages. The service provider knows about the channel outages as soon as they happen and always works to resolve problems in a timely fashion. Please be patient and check in on the channel as it will eventually be resolved.

Buffering can be a result of many factors including internet speeds, Wi-Fi strength, any interference in the home, your geographic location, your internet provider and how they route traffic, your internet provider throttling speeds during peak hours or to particular sites, device specs, too many apps open on device, device low on available RAM, cache in the app reaching max capacity, issues from the source of the feed, and even the server itself.


To test if your internet provider is throttling/slowing/blocking down your access to the server which is becoming common lately, do the following.


Try disconnecting from your internet provider temporarily, then turn on your mobile hotspot on your cell phone, and connect your device temporarily to that hotspot, and connect to the server again to compare.

Have you tried restarting everything yet? Your modem, router, and device?

The best way to explain this and the complexity of how your IPTV service is delivered, is by understanding how the service works. A channel is recorded live and the feed is immediately resent over the internet. There are always variables in streaming anything especially in IPTV service.


There are several factors that could cause this. The source of the feed could have frozen. The path the feed took through the internet could have had problems. Your own internet connection might have had a momentary blip, or even your own internal connection could experience packet loss to a small degree depending on your setup. Because of all these factors, the servers cannot guarantee the availability of any channel or any feed based on how many factors are involved that are completely out of our control. We also recommend using a good VPN that improves your routing and traffic.

Try restarting everything first including your modem, router, and device. You can leave us a message which we’ll forward to the server, although, chances are that they are already aware of the issue. Aside from that, we both have to simply wait patiently until the server resolves any issues and automatically update themselves.

Every server is independently managed and updates, adds, and removes feeds at their own discretion. The lists are never 100% accurate and should be used as a rough guide only. Always get a 30 day trial first before adding more months.